Sunday, November 16, 2008

Indias Rock!!!

An Indian(I) and an American(A) were in a conversation, "which country is technologically progressing for the past few centuries?"

'A' drove 'I' to Newyork and asked him to dig 1000 feet deep. 'A' then said, "this proves that we had wired communication a century ago". 'I' then took 'A' to India (Mumbai to be precise) and asked him to dig a hole until he finds something. 'A' dug hole, 4000 feet in depth. 'A' gave up and asked 'I', "what are you trying to prove?". 'I' then said, "For 4 centuries we have been using Wireless technology as our communication medium... Now, who is advanced in technology :)".

Hope you enjoyed...
- EF

PS: This joke is based on an email that we received in chain/forwarded emails.

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