Thursday, November 5, 2009

QuadNT System. Zombies Management System I (Windows)

From the hand of the author of the control systems and management of botnets Open Source (cross), a couple of months ago saw the light of another of his ambitious projects designed to control and manage botnets called Quad.

In this case, this is the version developed for the windows platform called QuadNT Remote Administrator, but there is also a version for operating systems based on *NIX platforms. As with his previous projects, this is primarily characterized by crimeware be developed in Perl. One aspect common to all these applications.

Unlike previous applications submitted by its developer, QuadNT Remote Administrator isn't free, ie has a free version with significant limitations and a private full version. However, unfortunately we can not know, maybe for the moment, the real cost of this crimeware, for reasons I will discuss shortly.

Among its features are highlighted the possibility of:
  • Connect Back Shell
  • Trash Flood
  • Mouse Logger
  • Keylogger
  • Proxy server
  • Encrypted Remote Terminal Emulator
  • Web Control Panel HTTP
As I said the same creator, remote management system for the control of botnets is based on three fundamental aspects:
  • A client-side console
  • A server-side Gateway
  • Automation of network botnet client that is in itself
This first version focuses its efforts QuadNT working in user mode (Ring3). However, cross, its author promises a second version but working at low level, just at the kernel level or what is the same, ring0.

Although previous projects are free, and although this same version will also offer free but limited version, still not in good acceptance in the underground world that makes the business of crimeware.

However, this does not mean that constitute threats, indeed are potential alternatives that show the development of applications for handling botnets can be addressed in programming languages not commonly used in the field of zombie networks.

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