Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trade Russian version of private crimeware. Take the offer!

Currently there are many applications crimeware kits based administration, control and dissemination of exploits composed of modules, written in php, where each has a particular role.

In the Russian black market, these applications are sold at different prices which have direct relationship with the "features" offered by the kit, however, are sometimes offers "juicy" so that many cyber criminals can exploit, such as this combo consisting of three applications crimeware: Neon Exploit System, Sploit25, Unique Sploits Pack.

All for the reasonable price of USD 450.

The price of the combo is only accessible when you consider the cost of buying each separately:
  • Neon Exploit System = USD 500
  • Sploit25 Lite version = USD 1500
  • Sploit25 Pro = USD 2500
  • Unique Sploits Pack = USD 600 + USD 100 for product updates (crossed out) USD 50 and get the encryption module.
These values are somewhat outdated. However, the actual cost of purchasing the three pack of USD 2600 is the basic version of each crimeware, USD 3750 and the full version (version Pro Sploit25 module update and more encryption Unique Sploits Pack).

Moreover, as any good businessman, cyber crime has the potential to perform a test prior to purchase, providing the demo of the three kits.

In the case of Neon Exploit System, you can see each of the modules with which the application and the advantages offered by criminal as well as the ability to store data on each node to be infected by incorporating the botnet.
With respect to Sploit25 upstream is a clear difference to other applications of its kind during the authentication process, the kit only asks password.

The third of crimeware is Unique Sploits Pack. Through the demo shows the administrative operations of the Kit and the configuration possibilities it offers, showing some of the exploits used with reference to them.

You can also try to select the order in which each of the activation exploits that affect the systems. In this example, the modules proposed for attacking the browsers Internet Explorer 5, 6, 7, 8 and some versions of Firefox are activated, while the attack for Opera modules are inactive.

Nevertheless, the "dealer" uses another strategy to sell, perhaps by the time of crisis, and offers a more juicy and just for a week, which suffers a combo discount and the cost decreases to USD 350.

However, not only ends with the most accessible offering that as the portfolio of "cyberdealer" is broader, and also offers the sale of another very famous crimeware: Zeus, at low cost.

However, the methodology proposed sale is for anything, and perhaps involves a covert strategy of social engineering for the "newbies" who come to the cyber criminals with the intention of buying the package crimeware, because, as in many cases, certain modules can be backdoreados or in the case of Zeus, the program features to generate the client can not be real, and be replaced by another malware to exploit the "innocence" of the aspiring cyber crime ;-P

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