Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Patching the Patches: The dorky tale

MS has a history of having patches more than the software they make. History repeats itself and gives a hard time for MS to do or maintain a good OS.

Let us look at reality in layman's analogy:

Image 1: the following is a bug found in one of the modules that was created to provide a feature:

Image 2: this image shows a bug that has not been recognized by MS as a bug, but rather as a feature:

Image 3: the following shows the patch applied by MS and how a weed still comes from it:

Image 4: this image shows trees of exploits growing from unpatched areas/OS:

Image 5: the last and final(following) image shows how MS should have originally done it, instead of what they did in image 3:

After all, they are also run by humans and hence to err is normal. Anything within manageable risk is good enough to proceed further with business. But that doesn't mean that you should buy new expensive flavors of Windows.

This is our side of the dorky tale behind patching and repatching the patched patches.

Btw, some people think that this site is run by "the underground". This is me in the evening walk and this ain't underground:

- EF


Anushree said...

this is hilarious.....:)

Quendi said...

Impressive muahahaha LOL

Worms And Exploits said...

Nice innovative one....hope MS takes some good message out of it.....