Sunday, August 9, 2009

What do you think of our logo

We understand that this is the least of importance on any technology website, but since we would like to evaluate our work every once in a while, we would like to have your opinion on the logo's of our futuristic websites.

Here are the following:

Your opinion is very valuable to us. Kindly, scroll to the right-pane of the page where you would find a poll. Kindly, enter your honest opinion in the options listed and let us know what you feel.

- EF


Quendi said...


Very funnys!

I like a lot :)

WebBanshee said...

Cool and professional , i like them all


d3v1l said...

very nice,I like the first two :>

Anonymous said...


Bev said...

I like the red & Black logo BEST! - though they are all tech savvy :)
Thanks for all of your contributions to Internet security!

Anonymous said...

Interesting Logo's

Abhijeet said...

pcap one is dull compare to other ones..