Saturday, September 12, 2009

iNF`[LOADER]. Control of botnets, marihuana, and spreading malware

This is more of the many alternatives that exist for web applications designed to function as boards of directors and control botnets via web (C&C).

In this new example, how could it be otherwise, is of Russian origin and judging by the favicon and the image displayed in the upper left corner, perhaps his creator has admiration for marihuana and, why not, maybe it Bob Marley's fans :-)

Then observe the capture of the administration panel INF `[LOADER], but if we see another active too, can access ... better write me a mail and I pass the URL :-)

While this web application isn't new since its first version is 2007, its author was updated once per year (the current version 3) and the last is that we see in the catch, it was hardly within the crimeware underground environment.

At first he was associated with the spread of a rootkit called Goldun known, however it should be borne in mind that regardless of the malware that bring the kit by default, these applications are designed to exploit any vulnerability and disseminate any type of malware.

Among its modules, has one designed to try to bypass antivirus and firewall programs, self-destruction module with which you can remove the information from part or all of the zombies as part of its network, zombies statistics system discriminated country, among others.

As we see, the functionality offered by this threat aren't competitive in relation to others that exist in the market and are available at low cost even may even get a combo, although their cost doesn't exceed USD 100 now.

Still, this doesn't constitute a serious threat, regardless of the interface having the administration control panel and, if this force is because it has at its command, a good amount of zombies that make botmaster activity, a "work" profitable.

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Jorge Mieres

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