Saturday, September 26, 2009

New version of Eleonore Exploits Pack In-the-Wild

As usual, the crimeware remains a development cycle that does not lose the focus nurtured in the minds of cyber criminals who are behind their marketing: money.

This cycle depends directly on who develops the crimeware, e.g. in the case of ZeuS, the cycle is about 30 days or about every month there is a new version of ZeuS, and so with any of the alternatives.

In this case, it's a new version, 1.3B, Eleonore Exploits Pack, this package designed to manage and control a botnet zombies that development follows a cycle similar to the one above to refer to ZeuS, one of his colleagues .

Not yet released directly Eleonore Exp this version but is available exclusively and for the moment, there are only some versions of test for which is experiencing its operation.

In other words, this new version isn't in the underground environment specialist and was acquired only through its programmer.

So far I haven't addressed this issue in greater depth, however, I feel that perhaps the most important change lies about the availability of new exploits, connectivity and optimization improvements in the intelligence process for obtaining data statistics related to zombies (countries, navegadote, OS, etc.).

Still, this reflects the "enthusiasm" with which cybercriminals are working to "optimize" (improvements would say its creator, who calls himself Exmanoize) the range of malicious functions incorporated in each variant.

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Jorge Mieres

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