Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do HATS change with coloring schemes?

White, black and (white+black)/2 are the 3 hats known so far in the security community. Hollywood has played a great role in building creativity to both sides of hacking. Now when it comes to what humans think, what we might assume is that if a website is dark in color and if the coloring schemes based on black background, then it is a black hat site and the same for white and gray.

Does this really hold good for every website? So if we have a site that is white in background, does that mean that we have a trust worthy site. How does 'human factor' affect the perception of who is good and who is bad based on appearance? Doesn't "appearances are deceptive" hold good in this case too?

Well, this blog was not to give semantics of the hats, but just to give a general idea for people to start thinking about classifying hats. What we would suggest is to have 2 classifications "Good" and "Bad", and forget about black, white and gray hats.

- EF

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