Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Geek Alert: Dan Kaminsky on the DNS Bug of 2008

Dan Kaminsky has given some serious speech to our security community. This is pretty serious, though some of the sites stated otherwise in their blogs or forums. Hence, Mr.Kaminsky who has been doing some serious research on DNS stuff since 2004 or so has released a video to express the seriousness of this DNS bug.

Though DNS bug has been of existance since 1990's, why are there bugs at this level? Are immediate patches postponing such vulnerabilities every time or are they really fixing it? We hope to see someone talk about the long term fixing of such DNS bugs.

Kindly, take few minutes of your time and view the following video to understand the seriousness of this bug:

PS: This is our NEUTRAL view of the video and we are no way related to the video or the speaker.

- EF

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