Monday, September 8, 2008

Patch Tuesday

Microsoft releases security patches in second Tuesday of each month. Exploit Wednesday, known after the name "Patch Tuesday" is coined by the exploit writers who tries to analyze these patches to find more vulnerabilities to write exploits. Even though, these exploit writers are writing exploits against such vulnerabilities, they are helping Microsoft by performing free analysis and vulnerability exposures.

EvilFingers is planning on bringing a page on Patch Tuesday and Exploit Wednesday analysis. We only wish to maintain a balance in the field of information security. If you(our reader) is willing to contribute to any of our projects, you are most welcome to contact us at contact.fingers {at}

Microsoft Technet Security Page is where we can find the security listings on the vulnerabilities identified by Microsoft. September 9, 2008 is their next release on Patch Tuesday. Check it out when you get a chance as there is always something interesting in there.

- EvilFingers

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