Sunday, March 1, 2009

Economic Crash: Impact on Security Community

Well, the market has gone down just like any other industry and there has been lay-off and cutting prices left-and-right.

What about training industry?

Security training orgs are still charging the same. Is this practical for the current situation. They should try to realize that they could loose their market, due to:
* Lay off's.
* No salary raise this year at many companies nor Bonuses.
* Training expenses has been cut, due to this situation at many firms.
* Free training options are starting to spread.

What about products and services?

Does security firms reduce the price of services and products they provide. If they don't, they would loose a few customers or would not gain a few new ones. But if they do, would they compensate by cutting their analysts/engineers or quality of their services? Are the consumer products price going any lower to reach more people. Would home user's understand the importance of security over cost of purchasing a tool.

What about consultants?
Do consultants have open door the same as what they had in the previous years? Are they able to demand the same money for the work they do or have they gone down? Presumably, the answer is "yes" [to some extent], but it depends on the individual situation.

What about small and medium sized businesses?
Are small and medium sized orgs able to compete with the security issues they deal with on daily basis. Are they able to fund their team to secure their stuff[tools, products, work, data, etc.] to ensure continuous business.

There are more questions that requires answers. What other questions do you have? What answers do you get? Contact us [contact.fingers @] for any questions you have and we would help you find your answers...

- EF

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