Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pharmacy spam strikes google

"Are You In Need Of The Cheapest Drugs"

A large percentage of spam arriving in inboxes belongs to the pharma spam categories. Taking advantage of the fact that there are a number of legitimate internet pharmacies that offer discount prices, they attempt to scam people who wish to avoid some of the legal restrictions on drug purchases for a number of reasons:
Some people may wish to find a lower cost source of medications. Most people in the US are aware that many expensive medications can be obtained in Canada at a lower cost, and they assume anything called "Canadian" is a bargain.

Some people are unable to obtain a prescription for a maintenance drug because they are not keeping physician appointments or undergoing necessary monitoring/testing.
Some people want drugs that physicians are unwilling to prescribe for them, such as narcotics or unnecessary antibiotics.

The all google redirected sites are Fake pharmacy sites.Pharmacy spams are normaly E-Mail spam.But this time it hits google document also.This Fake pharmacy sites are used by storm Trojan


This website abusing vista,mastercard,American express,JCB,dinercard,American express logos.

The spam email links are redirecting to the whois info. = []
Domain Name :
PunnyCode :
Organization : Song Jiacheng
Name : SongJiacheng
Address : Guangdong Shangshui
City : Shangshui
Province/State : Guangdong
Country : cn
Postal Code : 528133 = [ ]
Domain Name :
PunnyCode :
Organization : li chun hua
Name : li chun hua
Address : huang ming shan lu21
City : JZ
Province/State : LN
Country : CN
Postal Code : 161002

Most of the website are registered by Chinese

Google search Tags:

intitle:Are You In Need Of The Cheapest Drugs
intitle:Are You Looking For The Cheapest Medications

intitle:Special Offer: Revatio 20 mg from $0.97 per pill

Thanks to spamtrackers for more information on pharmacy spam

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