Monday, March 16, 2009

HITB09 Agenda + Noteworthy Presentations


Keynote 1 - Philippe Langlois (Founder, Qualys / Intrinsec / TSTF)
"From Hacking, Startups to HackLabs: Global Perspective and New Fields"

Keynote 2 - Mark Curphey (Director CISG, Microsoft Corp)
"Security Cogs and Levers"

Other kick-ass presentations:

# Cross Domain Leakiness: Divulging Sensitive Information and Attacking
SSL Sessions - Chris Evans and Billy Rios

# VBootKit 2.0 - Attacking Windows 7 via Boot Sectors - Vipin & Nitin Kumar

# The Reverse Engineering Intermediate Language REIL and its
Applications - Sebastian Porst

# Pickpocketing mWallets: A Guide to Looting Mobile Financial Services -
The Grugq

# Psychotronica: Exposure, Control, and Deceit - Nitesh Dhanjani

# NKill - The Internet Killboard - Anthony 'kugutsumen' Zboralski

This one is REALLY going to be big news - it's a new tool which gives
attackers the ability to discover interesting relationships between
seemingly unrelated hosts and companies and to pull vulnerable hosts for
a specific domain, company or even an entire country!

EvilFingers team:

If you would like to attend HITB, kindly send us an email at contact.fingers @, we would work out a special deal for your conference ticket. This also depends on what level of volunteering you have done and how long you have been with EF and so on. Kindly, contact for more details.

- EF

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