Saturday, April 4, 2009

Conficker IV. Related domains ... and controversial

After posting Conficker III. Campaign of spreading false cleaning tools, in this blog and in MiPistus blog, I received some emails asking why it had published names of domains that have no connection with what is stated in the post in question, is say, with false cleaning tools.

However, taking into account this situation, it's necessary to clarify how the fabric has a great propagandist strategy to "build" a positive in some cases and negative in others, the great demand that caught the word "conficker" as a result of the great wave of superstitions that linger around the worm.

What I mean by that? The situation was that the word is used as a campaign to attract more visitors and more advertising.

The point is that the campaign had two distinct strands. One given by those under the banner of security, where, with the intention of creating a "magnet" to use the word "conficker", some companies have acquired the domain which initially had been used for malicious to redirect to the download of a self-cleaning tool or information related to combat the threat posed by the worm.

For example, to redirect, or now redirects to

On the other hand, who are constantly thinking of cheating strategies to increase their profits through unethical actions, also saw the word "conficker" a chance.

Accordingly, they began to appear many sites, under the promise of providing information on cleaning or conficker free tools, used the opportunity to gain visitation.

The word "conficker" is one of the most popular on the Internet, thanks to the global campaign of propaganda that the media were responsible for feeding, therefore, isn't nothing strange to find such actions.

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# Jorge Mieres

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