Friday, April 3, 2009

Conficker III. Campaign of spreading false cleaning tools

The great impact that the worm had conficker world, not only did the media take on its activities, but these same effects are used to propagate malicious so other types of malicious code.

Some sites already reported the existence of websites that refer alleged cleaning tools for conficker but instead to download something malicious. That is, the promise of eradicating the threat of the team that many of these sites promise is false. It's simply a strategy of deception to propagate scareware type programs, or in some cases, trojans.

Some of the domains of this style are:

http://conficker-cleaner .com
http://confickerc .net

http://conficker .com

http://confickerc .org .uk
http://confickercvirus .com

http://confickercvirus .info

http://confickercvirus .net

http://confickercvirus .org

http://conficker .de

http://conficker .info

http://conficker .net

http://conficker .org

http://downadup .com .uk

http://downadup .de

http://downadup .info

http://downadup .net

http://downadup .org

http://downadupvirus .com

http://downadupworm .com

http://removeconficker .net

http://removeconficker .org

http://stopconficker .com

http://w32downadupc .com

Most antivirus companies have developed a cleaning tool specifically to help combat the worm conficker and some other security agencies also have alternatives that help detect threats.

Each of these sites represents a potential risk of infection, should therefore be avoided and filters.

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# Jorge Mieres

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