Thursday, April 2, 2009

Conficker II. Worm infection distributed

After the "long-awaited day" when conficker supposedly wipe out everything, there are many ideas that are swarming by the vast network. Many security companies and professionals in the field predicted that a large wave carried away by the malicious worm media, were unanswered at seeing the end of the day and nothing happened :-)

Ie conficker no "left" with nothing new to the field, continued his career of infection as it has done since the start increasing the rate of infection had so far, which was not one that say "this does not mean that in the not too distant future conficker leaving the field with a larger battalion". This is logical, any malware can occur at any time god knows what.

Although not questioned conficker that is a dangerous malicious code, what has happened so far shows the intelligence of its creator (or creators) not only in planning the strategy of dissemination, but also in the strategy propaganda, social engineering and psychological action exerted through the media around the world, just to put a rumor.

Neither question has achieved a very high rate of infection discovering, as I commented in the previous post, you are still immature some security issues, both at home and, more disturbingly, at the corporate level.

In relation to the level of infection conficker, was reading a brief and very interesting report in Conficker Working Group called Infection Distribution, which is displayed through charts, the worm infection rates globally.

Infecciones a nivel mundial
Infecciones en Estados Unidos
Infecciones en Europa
Infecciones en Australia
Infecciones en Indonesia y Malasia
According Conficker Working Group, each of the maps were generated from all infections conficker produced from the beginning of its existence, which adds a total of approximately 35 million IP addresses.

While the maps don't express an exact number of infections, leaving a clear idea of the distribution of infections conficker achieved so far and the areas most affected by it.

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