Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bluehat Security

Based on the official listing:

Microsoft BlueHat Security Briefings: Fall 2008

BlueHat v8: C3P0wned kicks off October 16-17, 2008, at the Microsoft corporate headquarters. BlueHat v8 will consist of two full days of great content from both internal and external security experts presented in a lecture theater environment. The presentations will offer speakers the opportunity to showcase ongoing research and collaborate with peers while educating and highlighting advancements in security products and techniques. A sneak peak of content sessions includes:

Day 1: Thursday, October 16th – General Sessions

Sessions will be a hybrid of content from in-depth technical security issues to innovative techniques and best practices to use in the information security realm.

* Morning Session: Bounty Hunting and Mind-Control in the Internet Age
* Afternoon Session: We Sense a Great Disturbance in the Force

Day 2: Friday, October 17th – BlueHat v8: SDL Sessions

The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) team will host sessions emphasizing secure development and testing practices, as well as how to develop with security in mind from the beginning of the software development lifecycle. The BlueHat SDL sessions will focus more on appropriate defense strategies and less on attack techniques. Sessions might include demonstrations of secure coding techniques or methods of using various security tools.

* Morning Session: A Death Star Is Born
* Afternoon Session: The Circle Is Complete

BlueHat is a by-invitation-only Microsoft security conference aimed at bringing Microsoft security professionals and external security researchers together in a relaxed environment to promote the sharing of ideas and social networking. BlueHat is a cutting-edge conference aimed at improving the security of Microsoft products. BlueHat continuously seeks out new and innovative material, highlighting important emergent technologies, techniques, and industry best practices.

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