Wednesday, October 1, 2008

EvilFingers Team Lead - Aditya K Sood

Aditya K Sood (Founder, Secniche) is a team lead at EvilFingers community. Aditya has been publishing articles at Hakin9 for the past few years and he has also been really active in practical implementation of information security. Unlike many Security Evangelists, Aditya doesn't consider himself as one. In his belief, it is a title that other should believe that you are and not a title that you could coin yourself with. He has published papers in many issues of USENIX journal and has been really active with Vulnerability Assessment. Aditya has been speaker for many well known conferences such as OWASP, XCON and so on.

We would like to acknowledge Aditya for his work and dedication.

- EF

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