Thursday, October 23, 2008

HITBSecConf2008 has announced their schedule

Agenda for the entire conference has been announced.

On 29th Oct 2008, Jeremiah Grossman will start with a Keynote Address on "The Art of Click-Jacking", which is the current hot topic at ZDNET and various other sites. Marcus Ranum follows this by his Keynote Address on "Cyberwar is Bullshit". Once the keynotes are done, the rest of the day is split into 3 tracks.

The second day of the conference(Oct 30th, 2008) starts with a Keynote Address on "Welcome to the 0wned World" by Dr. Anton Chuvakin followed by Peter Sunde [brokep] and Fredrik Neij [TiAMO] on "Dissolving an Industry as a Hobby". Once again the day is divided into 3 tracks after the keynote speeches.

The best part of HITB is that they give ample conference presentations beyond which they also have contests and trainings. HITB Rocks hard!!!

- EF

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