Sunday, October 12, 2008

Phishing & anti-phishing

Phishing has always been a payload for malicious stuff such as client-side exploits, gathering credit-card and other client-side information, zombies & Trojans, etc. Phishme is a project run by the Intrepidus Group at NewYork (though this is not a open-source or community project, EvilFingers wanted to list this as the implementation of this project is quite different than collecting and analyzing phish alone and hence we believe that it is worth mentioning such projects). Phishtank is "thee" open community project that has been successfully running for the past 2 yrs. They have won the PC World award for Top Product of 2008 (we have had a prior discussion of this thread before). EvilFingers have started its contribution at and in future there are plans to perform statistical analysis for phishes found by phishing communities around the world. Hopefully, it should be possible for us to do so with the help and support of all such communities.

Contact us at contact.fingers @, if you have any questions or if you wish to volunteer in any of our projects.

- EF

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