Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Malware Analytics - Update

Bonfa [Project Manager] and his 2 friends [Team members] have completed the Static Analysis part [100% done]. The dynamic analysis part is 60% done and the backend DB support is 95% done. The current code includes all the necessities such as load balancing, anti-debugger detection and prevention and VMware detection prevention.

Other [unlisted] members have joined our team to work on CloudAV and other possible analysis tools that could help in malware investigations.

Hopefully, www.MalwareAnalytics.com will be up by the end of Feb 2009, or at least by first/second week of March 2009.

If you have any idea of volunteering or participating by any other means, contact us at contact.fingers @ gmail.com[because Gmail Rocks!!!]

- EF

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