Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Zeus botnet. Mass propagation of trojan. Part two

In the first part, we were well above what it's Zeus, next to a small list of domains and IP addresses involved in the trojan and very useful to block them.

The map below shows information regarding each host infected by Zeus who is identified through a point. Although at first glance, the information shown in the map may feel inadequate, it must be remembered that each node can represent multiple IP addresses or domains hosted on one server, so the percentage of equipment infected power.

Although the list is very small compared with the number of domains that host Zeus, is extremely important that managers locked themselves in their network structure to avoid infection. investmentguard.co.uk/foto/body_bg_akh10 .jpg mainssrv.com/pic/timeats .jpg goldarea.biz/bot .exe allmusicsshop.com/bnngJPdf7772Nd .exe chinkchoi.net/3n539@32d .exe drupa1.com/s/fuck .exe ltnc.info/utility/lease/software/update/config .bin tdxs.info/utility/backup/config .bin zone-game.org/ldr .exe vokcrash.com/144/load .php .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe
freecastingus.cn/z12/config .bin
freecastingus.cn/z12/loader .exe
http://ltnc.info/utility/lease/software/update/config .bin
http://tdxs.info/utility/backup/config .bin

Furthermore, each of the domains, along with its IP address, representing an infected host or server violated.

Given that the spread of infection and are employed by Zeus, email and technical Drive-by-Download through different exploit where one of the best known is Luckysploit, or sites which are vulnerable to malware implanted kits as ElFiesta, it is extremely important to block domains and IP addresses that I have outlined.

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