Sunday, February 8, 2009

Prevx Gromozon Rootkit Removal tool

Prevx has a specialized tool for removing a specific Rootkit.Gomozon Rootkit Removal tool is highly focused only for this special rootkit removal. Hence, if you are looking for a generalized anti-rootkit tool, this is not the one for you. The starting window very clearly specifies the same, as shown in the following image[SNAP 1].

SNAP 1 :

The tool then warns the user, that one should disable any system security tools, such as an Anti-virus, that may interfere with the removal of Gromozon rootkit, as shown in SNAP 2.

SNAP 2 :

The tool is quite fast in performing a preliminary check for Trojan.Gromozon rootkit component and allows the user to decide to proceed with the removal or to quit, as shown in SNAP 3.

SNAP 3 :

Once the user chooses to continue with the removal process, the next warning window comes up requesting the user to save all unsaved applications to continue with system rebook, as seen in SNAP 4.

SNAP 4 :

After the system has been rebooted, the scan begins [SNAP 5].

SNAP 5 :

Once the scanning and cleaning is complete, the scan details along with logging details are displayed to the user[SNAP 6].

SNAP 6 :

Log lets generated as shown in the above snapshot in a file named "gromozon_removal.log". Since we did not have any event triggered, and since no hidden files were found, there was nothing really to show a snapshot.

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