Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Zeus botnet. Mass propagation of trojan. Part one

Speaking of phishing attacks or kits at this point in history is nothing new, nor is talk of malware infection techniques and their increasingly sophisticated and increasingly aggressive, however, and the spread of infection and fraud continues even at present is a business, apparently very profitable for those who are behind it.

Zeus (also known as Zbot or wsnpoem), just gets in the category of fraudulent and malicious. This is basically a trojan designed to recruit PCs zombies and phishing attacks, financial institutions, banking, social networking sites, stealing data from email authentication, FTP accounts, etc., combining techniques of scripting, exploit, among others. .exe .exe .exe .exe .php .exe .bin .txt .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe .exe .txt .exe .exe .ini .bin .exe .php?id=861&spl=7 .world .exe .bin .exe .exe .exe .txt .txt .exe .ini .bin .sts .exe .bin .exe .exe .exe .bin .bin

It's quite dangerous if we consider that in addition to the typical actions of the malware, can be obtained by any person to deposit a certain amount of money in the account of its creators.

Perhaps this is one of the best reasons to argue why the many variants of "Zeus" who are In-the-Wild wiles to recruit zombies looking for our systems. The truth is that, although not up to its name, is one of the largest botnet of the moment.

Even though this last feature is threatened by other "alternatives" of the world as a botnet Waledac, recent Adrenalin, or smaller (in magnitude) Asprox (also known as Danmec) really must be careful not to be victims of these threats are always looking to successfully carry out its mission: to get our money and computer resources.

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# Jorge Mieres

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