Wednesday, May 6, 2009

EventPairHandle as Anti-Dbg Trick

Abstract: An EventPair Object is an Event constructed by two _KEVENT structures which are conventionally named High and Low. EventPairs are used for synchronization in Quick LPC, they allow the called thread to continue the current quantum, reducing scheduling overhead and latency. Now by looking to the basic operations that a debugger need to accomplish, we can see that these tasks are conceptually simple, when the target is normally running, the debugger is sleeping, but when certain events occur Dbg Wakes Up. Became clear that there is a strict relation between generic Event Objects and Debuggers cause they have to create a custom Event called DebugEvent able to handle exceptions. Due to the presence of Events owned by the Debugger, every information relative to the Events of a normal process differs from a debugged process.


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