Tuesday, May 5, 2009

IS visual and the use of pornography as a vehicle of propagation and infection

Deception strategies are diverse and only limited to the imagination of those who exploited. Considering also that the sites with pornographic content are one of the resources with the greatest demand on the Internet, it's logical to think that they are exploited for malicious as usual through social engineering of the visual type.

This is a resource that probably no malware propagator think shelve for a long time, and regardless of the type of presentation used to display a pornographic video course that will never be, the goal is always the same means and money .

The following sequence of images is a concrete example that represents the technique of social engineering that will not go out of style. Hypothetically speaking, suppose that we have come to the next site through one of the many routes proposed by the Internet. This is usually the point where we tend to "choose" the type of video...

...after selecting which is the typical streaming video window.

After a few seconds, a reminder of the need to install a component that allows us to view web content, and immediately offered the download component of course is actually a malware with a low rate of detection.
However, the page was created solely to carry out the spread of malware offering, in addition to the content porn video player a course called BB-Player. A trojan detection rate with a much more acceptable than the previous binary.
This example, taken from a real and active today, is the modus operandi of spreading malware by exploiting social engineering to exploit visual and thematic "hook" pornography.

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# Jorge Mieres

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