Sunday, May 24, 2009

YES Exploit System. Manipulating the safety of the attacker

Some of them want to use you. Some of them want to get used by you. Some of them want to abuse you. Some of them want to be abused
I wanna use you and abuse you. I wanna know what's inside you.
Eurythmics - 1983

Any layer of security to implement in an environment of information seeks to protect our assets from potential hostile and harmful actions, in which malicious code is one of the greatest dangers which are directed against and try to protect these security schemes.

In this sense, the applications developed to spread crimeware threats and form botnets (eg, Zeus, Unique, LeFiesta, YES Exploit, among many others) where each node then infected (zombie) is administered via the web through a control panel, are setting a trend difficult to remove malicious Internet.

However, it's very pleasant to see such protective measures that we seek through various schemes, in many cases, no account is taken of the side of the crimeware :D leaving open the door of the "park" for many of us we can "amused" by exploiting their weaknesses.

And this is not so unreasonable when you consider that this is program code that, like any other, are always prone to a number of programming bugs, bad settings or default settings.

Thus, the lack of security played against him a copy of a known and active management and control kit called YES Exploit System ...

...that after his bypass authentication scheme could have access to detailed information on each node that is part of the botnet that is administered through the crimeware.

Consequently, who handles a large amount of computers, ended up being manipulated to be :-)

However, it's a good opportunity to see statistical data stored by malicious applications. Among them:
  • Browsers and their respective versions which are exploited vulnerabilities
  • Different platforms violated
  • Controlled equipment
  • Country of origin of each infected node
In addition to other relevant information to the attacker knows what kind of exploit to be used in relation to technology that is used (IE 7 and Windows XP).

However, we also note that there are teams controlled MacOS and Linux platforms. While both platforms don't have as much victims as in the case of Microsoft platforms, marking a trend slowly on malicious code developed for these platforms.

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