Thursday, May 7, 2009

Zeus Carding World Template. Change the playing side of the botnet

It's clear that the use cybercriminals wasted much time thinking about new ways of propagation/infection and strategies for social engineering with the aim of attracting more attention as "slaves" on the Internet :-)

Though it may seem a trivial matter, is anything but casual. But a response to organized crime from which malicious code is the main weapon of crimeware current Russian industry and one of its greatest exponents.

However, it appears that "bad guys", occasionally taking a break to "play" to improve the design, from a visual point of view of their creations.

This is the case of a not new (and I remember seeing something about it), created to improve the skin's view the administration of the botnet Zeus. Surely, created by some bored botmaster to sell the same control interface :-)

This template, completely changes the view of the boring and monotonous default interface that brings Zeus, transforming it into something ... a little more sympathetic. In fact, some versions of this crimeware will be sold with the template already built.

So Zeus is by default in this case, during the installation process of the botnet and...

...and during the authentication process to access the administration panel.

In applying the template, the view of the panel becomes the following:

As for the authentication interface, is as follows:

The design, as the template name suggests, refers to offenses involving unlawful use of numbers and credit cards by a third party (carding) and the picture does justice to it.

This gives us a clear idea about what they are looking for those who operate from the village of cybercrime. Fraudulently obtain money by exploiting the human factor.

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