Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fraud, Crime, Layoff's and Poverty

How are they proportional?

When Economy shatter's like right now, what are its cause and effect.

Cause: Few rich guys did not care about "Conditions" that were applied when lending to the smaller guys.
Effect: Bailout - Simple right.

Cause: Economy goes down.
Effect: Stocks go down, industries lacking sponsors and money, investment banking has entered the dark world.

Cause: Industries not doing well.
Effect: Random lottery of Layoff and random firing of employees.

Cause: Joblessness
Effect: Search for jobs, cut down standard of living (which some people don't think of), more time to think.

Cause: More time, joblessness and irritation of searching for jobs.
Effect: People tend to think about alternate source of income.

Cause: Alternate sources of income.
Effect: Shortcuts to earn money, Fraud and Crime.

Cause: Increase in Fraud & Crime.
Effect: Economy goes down steeper.

Isn't that a never ending circle. Where does it all begin? Well, you all know where it begins, but that is not what is important. The important question to answer is "When does this end with happy endings?"

- EF

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