Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please consider this before you email us for volunteering

We have done this drill before. We would like to try it out once again.

We receive emails such as "I would like to volunteer." or "I would like to enter your team.". It is going to be a time consuming process for you as well as us.

Just FYI, everything that comes to us remains confidential. Anything you wish to reveal will be the only detail that will be revealed.

From here on, we would like emails that tells us the following:

(1) Who you are?
(2) What you do?
(3) What can you do other than what you do?
(4) Why would you like to volunteer?
(4.a) What you would like to do for us?
(4.b) What would you like to learn from us?
(5) Your skills that you could use for the site ***Autonomously***?

At the current stage we are a DEVELOPING or UNDER DEVELOPED site, hence we invite volunteers with only PRIOR experience in the field or stuff that they wish to volunteer. We expect that the volunteer would be able to handle the tasks that they are assigned to, AUTONOMOUSLY.

Over the time period of few months to few days, depending on contribution status volunteers would be introduced to other volunteers and teams in the site to continue the process of learning and sharing knowledge, which is when you would be able to learn a set of new skills from others in the team.

We thought of doing this drill once again, because we receive many emails these days with volunteering intent (which is great), but the handshake part has grown over 3way handshake due to the following:

1. Lack of information in emails and chats.
2. Delay in emails and chats, which starts the handshake once again due to session termination.
3. Emails saying that someone wishes to volunteer in a section that you don't know nada/null about. Because it is going to take more time for us to explain why we don't do that at the moment.

We received some emails lately asking for us to train people in a specific field and then expect their volunteering. It is definitely a good process, but since we are still at our infant stage, we are unable to appreciate this process. We would instead give it a delay for now and once we are seeing contribution from you at some point of time, we would help you in your learning process.

Do let us know if you have any views or comments on this. We appreciate all inputs and we respond to every single email that we receive. Since, we are also not doing this for full-time basis and since everything is done for contribution and passion, we are in the same boat as you are.

We thank all our current and past volunteers and we wish them success in their life and careers.

Emails are welcome at contact.fingers @ [GMAIL rocks!!!]

- EF

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