Wednesday, December 31, 2008

An unfortunate occurrence...

2008 ended with an unfortunate occurrence. We came to know that one of our members have submitted PCAPs that was generated from another tool [we weren't completely sure]. We requested the member to confirm [the member accepted the fact that some of the PCAPs did not belong to him] and resubmit an entire set after removing the PCAPs that could be belonging to some other proprietary software. But the member did not get back with any changes and we never like to take chances. Hence, the entire buffer overflow PCAP section [35 PCAPs] has been discarded and EvilFingers has terminated the membership of this volunteer who is responsible for such an occurrence. Kindly, excuse us for any inconvenience.

If you find any proprietary, copyrighted stuff, corporate espionage or even chances to any kind of fraud, kindly contact us without any hesitation at contact.fingers @

- EF

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