Friday, December 12, 2008

Latest updates @ EF

Out patchTuesday analyst(Ion Visser) is back once again.

NoVirusThanks & EvilFingers are working on creating a threatAnalysis framework.

Thanks to Kris Kaspersky for his wonderful Russian research publications, we have published 88 so far have had 400+ more to publish.

Jack O'Neill is working on Honeypot Framework.

Kirk McGraw is working on updating Process Memory Dumper with more updates.

Gerasimos Kassaras is updating SiXFu with GUI version pretty soon.

Kevin Devine is working on the next version of GSAuditor to come up with a Multi-Core bruteforcer.

Aditya K Sood is researching on Google Chrome.

Giuseppe Bonfa is working on more research publications.

Praveen Darshanam is working on our PCAP section.

Mountassif Moad / Stack is working on our vulnerability analysis division.

We will be coming up with a design for ThreatAnalysis Framework pretty soon.

If you have any questions please do contact us at contact.fingers @

- EF

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