Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Is Security a Myth or Reality?

Security has been considered as a blanket on top of existing toolkit or products. Some people consider security as additional and business as the primary factor. The problem is, security and business should coordinate right from the architectural design before the foundation is laid. A security aware foundation acts as a reinforced concrete. It is much stronger to consider security and business, than a business centric architecture. We in EvilFingers consider business and security as 2 important factors like, 2 hands, 2 eyes, 2 legs, etc. and without one of them, the other is overloaded.

Security has been there since the age of empires and there has been buying and selling of things too. But security was given the most importance by building layered fortresses, forts, etc. Buying and selling was something that was done for survival like food, shelter and so on. Ever since industrial revolution kicked in, everything ran business centric. Now we have crossed the industrial revolution and we are in the information era. In this era, almost everything is run and controlled by computers, things are semi-automated. That being the case, should security be a myth(something that could have existed in the past based on history) or is it reality(something that should be considered as heart of a product, sole being business).

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