Saturday, January 31, 2009

Google is Malicious

Google tells everyone that they themselves are malicious and they would harm your computer if you visit their site. We are not saying this, but Google is... check the following:

One of our researchers, Rohit Bansal sent us a link that says the same:

When someone clicks on this

we got the following page this morning:

Google is trying to communicate to this world people. They are telling you that they are over-priced and not to buy their stocks since they are malicious to the current economic conditions.

Joe from JoeSecurity/ was discussing about the end results with EvilFingers this morning. Funny thing is, Google stocks is dropping down strangely today. Though, we do not know if this is the cause. But we wouldn't blame people for not clicking on Google when they themselves caution you that they are malicious.

End Result Graph: (Correlated for fun)

However, it is still not proven that the dip in the stocks was due to this terrible error, it makes sense even if it does.

This is an example of : how research & development can be hazardous to a giant org by entering production without testing... It is funny, how this repetitive pattern has been seen for every large kingdoms or organizations, that they would climb high and become famous so quick and they seek for self-destruction or disasters.

- EF

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