Friday, January 2, 2009

Organizations & Governments, are welcome to contact us!!!

Happy New Year 2009!!!

EvilFingers is proud to extend its warm welcome to both Private Sector and Gov Sector to help us to help you in joining our unified notion of securing the information world.

Small and medium sized companies that cannot afford services from large securing organizations, large organizations that believe in true security research and other classifications are most welcome to contact us for any type of help, software, etc. We consider ourselves like the fireman. A fireman is paid salary by the Gov., but all his services to the people are unbelievable and great and it is all free. It is not about the money always, it is more about passion, dedication and commitment.

We are a team of such people who wishes to help our community. You could use all our tools, but if you let us know that your corp or gov is using our tools, we would list you as one of our happy users. If you are not happy with our tools, we would ensure that we could work something out to provide a solution just for you, and then you could enter our happy list of users.

Contact us for any further questions: contact.fingers @

- EF

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