Thursday, January 15, 2009

Simpler the better... - The science of Malware Analysis.

Coming soon... If you wish to volunteer or contribute in this division of EvilFingers, and if you qualify the following constraints kindly email us at contact.fingers @

You are experienced in this field (directly or indirectly) and you can do tasks autonomously without any assistance, once the project or task is assigned and explained to you.

You are willing to submit your real profile to us to understand your experience(Linkedin, for example). We guarantee not to release it, if you do not want us to.

You agree NOT to bring in your corporate work or corporate information into our team, because we definitely do not wish to get involved with any type of corporate infringements, copyrights or intellectual property issues.

Your ideas that you bring in for the team will be solely yours and not your company's tool or something of that sort.

You will dedicate some time for some serious contribution/volunteering, since you understand that everyone in the team is a volunteer and we are all working towards raising the par of information security.

You will cooperate with other volunteers in the same team, though without bothering others or do stuff that would increase their time of contribution or load the others with their work.

You agree to submit your work, both source and all files researched including the volunteering schedule, and anything else that you have collected, created or researched during the process.

And more...

Contact us if you have any questions, reviews or anything at all. contact.fingers @ [Because GMAIL Rocks!!!]...

- EF

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