Friday, October 16, 2009

Book of the Month - "The Art of Assembly Language"

The Art of Assembly Language

Chapter Listings:

Chapter 1 : Hello,World of Assembly Language

Chapter 2 : Data Representation

Chapter 3 : Memory Access and Organization

Chapter 4 : Constants, Variables and Data Types

Chapter 5 : Procedures and Units

Chapter 6 : Arithmetic

Chapter 7 : Low Level Control Structures

Chapter 8 : Files

Chapter 9 : Advanced Arithmetic

Chapter 10: Macros and the HLA Compile Time Language

Chapter 11: Bit Manipulation

Chapter 12: The String Instructions

Chapter 13: The MMX Instruction Set

Chapter 14: Classes and Objects

Chapter 15: Mixed Language Programming

Appendix A: ASCII Character Set

Appendix B: The 80x86 Instruction Set


This book deserved an applause for its:
Structural flow
Language [simplicity]
Overall content coverage

Thank you Randall Hyde - For sharing your skills in this book, and Thanks to NoStarch press for publishing it.

You can buy it at NoStarch Press, as both PDF and/or Paper copy.

- EF

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