Saturday, October 31, 2009

Prevx - PC & Internet Security

Prevx - PC and Internet Security for Home & Families, Businesses, Enterprises, Banks, Financial, eCommerce, and their customers.

Prevx does a great comparison of Anti-Virus vendors by showing the malwares & other that were failed to be detected by AV tools.

Products & Services they offer:

The reason for us talking about Prevx here is because, it would have been a totally new business model for 2001 when Prevx was originally formed. It is an interesting way to compete AV's openly to say how many detection failures has happened during their tests.

This could do one of the following:

(1) Awareness among Prevx viewers:

People who view this comparison chart get an idea of whats missing in each and they could choose one with minimum misses.

(2) Buy Prevx tools:

If Prevx is to the level of finding out what others are lacking, then it generally means that they would make their tools detect stuff, that other tools lack.

(3) Scares the crap out of AV vendors:

Well, it is just a possibility that AV vendors might get scared of their public image and try covering their lack of detection by:

(a) Paying off reality, to cover their weakness from public exposure.

(b) Buying samples/signature or other details of these misses.

(c) Working on fixing their tools, without attempting to contact these vendors.

But in all the above cases(a,b and c) the AV vendors are always on their toes.

This is good business, not just in terms of money but also the way they actually directly or indirectly keep the AV vendors aggressive and alert to protect their business from falling off the cliff.


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