Friday, October 2, 2009

remote kernel debugging (on VM), speed it up!

Everyone can get tired of staring at windbg waiting for a remote command to be completed, here are a few tips to get your (virtual) debugging environment a little more pleasant to work with.

for VMware users here's a nice tip:

set this option in virtual machine configuration: serialN.pipe.charTimePercent = X
where N is the serial port number and X is a positive integer that expresses a percentage of the default speed (30 seems a value that work good)
then select from port advanced configuration on guest the maximum speed available for the com port (128000), and select the same speed when connecting with windbg.

two similar methods that seem to be more reliable, consist in a driver to be loaded on the guest and a patch to be applied to the virtual machine software on the host
VMKD ( which works only on VMware
VirtualKD ( which should works also on VirtualBox.


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