Saturday, October 3, 2009

Job Opening: Senior Threat/Research Analyst

Amazing job opening in Atlanta, GA!!
Job Position: Senior Threat/Research Analyst
Job Area: Research
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Relocation: Required. Relocation assistance is being offered.
Company: Growing company in the Southeast!!!! 8 total positions being added into their Research team. Amazing career potential!!!

Collaborating with the marketing and engineering teams, the Senior Research Analyst will typically need to design and construct analysis tools that automate the extraction of botnet intelligence and make it available to the company’s other technologies and its knowledgebase as well as responding to ad-hoc requests for malware analysis driven by business and client needs to determine characteristics, functionality, and/or recommend countermeasures.

The position may entail interaction with the media following the successful outcome of directed research or response activities.

· Independent threat analysis and data mining of new botnet instances
· Research in to new methods for detecting and reporting botnet activities
· Dissection of new botnet samples and the automation of sample processing
· Investigation of new botnet command and control tactics and subsequent enumeration of botnet operators
· Focused analysis of botnet outbreaks within enterprise and ISP networks
· Contribution to research and commercial papers describing the evolving botnet threat

Skills & Experience:
· Experience as a security engineer, threat intelligence analyst, or similar senior technical role
· Extensive knowledge of tracing and debugging Windows processes in the context of malware reverse engineering
· Proficiency with C/C++ programming and x86 assembly /disassembly
· Deep understanding of network flow data analysis, deep packet inspection and network behaviors of malicious software
· Comprehensive knowledge of anti-debugging and anti-instrumentation techniques
· Familiarity with packing and anti-reverse engineering techniques, including data obfuscations that employ primitive or basic cryptography
· Ability to troll underground Internet forums and criminal sites/portals for new botnet intelligence

Rian Freedman

Xpect SVC, LLC

404-522-8889 | LOCAL
888-973-2887 | TOLL
404-520-8081 | CELL
404-393-0862 | FAX

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