Friday, October 30, 2009

Mac Users: Here is your Anti-virus

When we talked to some of the Mac users, they asked us if we recommend any good Anti-virus Software for Mac community. Although, we are planning to work on Mac tools, it will certainly take time for us to catch up.

Hence, for now we recommend "iAntiVirus", which is part of PCTools. Here is how it looks:[The following snapshots were taken from and PCTools/iAntiVirus Reserves all the rights]

Update Settings Window:

Settings Window:

Scanner Progress Window:

Quick Scan Window:

Main Window:

If you are interested in full version, you could purchase it at the iAntiVirus site.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact PCTools here.



john said...

Please tell me best antivirus softwareavailable for Mac operating system

oktet8 said...
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oktet8 said...

I was talking to one of my Criminal attorney friends about Mac users and anti-virus. Why are we starting to see a trend in anti-viruses for Macs? Is it because of Mac users using Boot Camp to run Windows or are virus writers shifting their attention to Macs.

Furthermore, would it not be like putting AV on Linux or Unix/BSD's(Darwin for Macs)?
I guess it's kind of like how I run my nix box with BitDefender for Unices which is free just to test windows attachments before forwarding them to grandma on her windows box.