Friday, October 30, 2009

SpyDLLRemover v 2.5 - Release!

We are glad that Nagareshwar was able to push out a major release for SpyDLLRemover v2.5, we made it into a great release at

Thanks to PortableApps guys and all the users who suggested very valuable update that made us go for our next major release with Win7 and other upgrades. This would be SpyDLLRemover v 3.0. It is under test phase.

SpyDLLRemover v 3.1 is under planning phase. If you have any features in mind, that you would like to have in SpyDLLRemover, do shoot us an email @ contact.fingers @ or leave a comment to this blog. We will definitely consider all entries and respond to the entries even if the chances of implementing it is minimal.

Thank you for everything guys.


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